Basundi / rabri

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Basundi conjures up the image of a halwai sitting in front of a shop and slowly moving the long spatula in a large pan while chatting. Once a caterer told me about preparing basundi. They keep scraping off layers of cream from boiling milk, as it forms and keep it aside. Once the milk is creamy and thick then they add back the layers of cream and continue boiling.

Because milk is boiled on slow flame, I still remember when Mom used to set up the basundi pan when we woke up and the basundi would be ready by the time we leave for school. So we knew it takes couple of hours. This recipe is mostly how my Mom makes it.

Enjoy this in any season – hot or cold. Ok I’m off to having a bite, can’t resist. Bye for now.

My oil painting Love beaches and playing with my daughter.

Oil painting

Oil painting

Basundi / rabri


  1. Whole milk  –  one liter
  2. Sugar  –  as per taste
  3. Chopped almonds  –  three tbsp
  4. Kesar / saffron  –  a pinch


In a wide pan, bring the milk to boil. Now lower the flame and boil until it reduces to half. Keep stirring occasionally. Add sugar, saffron and cook on low flame until it becomes thick. Scrape the sides and keep stirring occasionally. Finally, add almonds and turn off gas. Refrigerate after basundi is at room temperature.


Serves three


 45 mins


One day