Raw mango and peanuts chutney / verusenaga mamidi chutney

Yay! This is mango season! I can’t get tired of eating them one way or another. Some of the cool recipes are best enjoyed in appropriate season. One such recipe is raw mango chutney. I learnt it from one of my close friend. The raw onions bring out more flavour. The mango shouldn’t be too sour.

Peanut and mango chutney

Peanut and mango chutney


  1. Peanuts / verusenaga  –  one cup
  2. Chopped raw mango / machi mamidi kaya –  one-third cup
  3. Green chilli  –  five
  4. Jeera / jelakara  –  one tsp
  5. Oil  –  half tsp
  6. Salt  –  to taste
  7. Chopped onions  –  four tbsp

Ingredients for tempering

  1. Oil  –  one tsp
  2. Jeera / cumin  –  half tsp
  3. Mustard seeds / avalu  –  half tsp
  4. Urad daal / minapappu  –  one tsp
  5. Curry leaves  –  few
  6. Asafoetida  –  a pinch


In a pan, add peanuts and roast the on low flame until they are golden color. Transfer to a plate . cool it. In a the same pan, add oil , jeera and green chilli. Fry them.

Take a mixer jar, add roasted peanuts, fried jeera, chilli, salt and chopped mango. Grind them to a paste by adding water.

Peanut and mango chutney

Peanut and mango chutney

Procedure for tempering

In a hot pan, add oil, jeera seeds, urad daal, mustard seeds, curry leaves and asafoetida. Fry until mustard seeds crackle. Add to the chutney. Finally add chopped onions. Enjoy with hot rice, dosa, chapathi, idly etc


Serves three


 15 mins


One day


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