Orange kulfi / narinja kulfi

I had heard about fruit stuffed kulfis but never had one. Recently I tasted one in a restaurant and it was delicious ! I had to try it. To add fruity flavour, I used a technique similar to making a pineapple/other fruit glaze for cake dressing. Some recipes add Tang powder but I used fresh orange juice. You should adjust the amount of sugar based on the sweetness of orange.

Enjoy the start of summer with this fruity delight !

Orange kulfi

Orange kulfi


  1. Organic whole milk  –  five cups
  2. Fresh organic orange juice  –  one cup
  3. Sugar  –  one cup and one-fourth cup
  4. Chopped pistachio  –  two tbsp
  5. Saffron  –  a big pinch
  6. Oranges halved (with a sharp knife remove the flesh and carefully scrape the inside part. Be careful not to make hole.)


In a wide pan, add milk and keep boiling. After five mins, add one cup sugar and saffron and continue boiling on medium to low flame until it reduces to two cups. keep stirring.


On the other side of the gas, boil orange juice and sugar until it reduces to half.


Turn off heat and let both orange juice and milk to cool down.

Once cooled, mix orange juice and milk in the mixie. Pulse for a second. To get smooth texture, add pistachios in the kulfi mixture.


Keep the halves in a wedged container so that they don’t topple. Pour in a halved orange or in a container. Cover it with a plastic wrap. Place in the freezer for eight hours or overnight. Ready to serve on a sunny day…


Serves four


40 mins for cooking, freezing time – eight hours


Stays for 10 days in freezer.


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