Black eyed beans dosa (pan cake) / alasandala dosa

Dosa is a popular breakfast/snack. Adding some contemporary ingredients to it further enhances its appeal. A big advantage of this recipe is that fermentation isn’t needed. It has rice, beans and greens (spinach) thus making it a wholesome meal. I added cheese, onions and some chutney as topping to make it interesting. Instead of spinach you can experiment with your favourite greens but don’t let the vegetable taste be dominant. If you soak it in the morning you can enjoy these after coming back from work as a quick dinner option too.

Follow the link to find the recipe for tomato chutney



  1. Black eyed beans / alasandala  –  one cup
  2. Rice  –  one-fourth cup
  3. Green chilli  –  one
  4. Blanched spinach – half cup
  5. Salt  –  to taste
  6. Chopped onions  –  half cup
  7. Chopped coriander leaves  –  half cup
  8. Amul cheese
  9. Tomato garlic chutney


Soak black-eyed beans and rice in water for eight hours. In a mixer jar, add black-eyed beans, rice, blanched spinach, salt, green chilli.

Grind into a fine paste. The batter should not be too thick or too loose. Transfer in to a bowl.

Heat a pan, put some batter in the middle of the hot pan and spread it in circular motion. It should be thick like uttapam.

Put oil at the edges. Smear tomato chutney and sprinkle some cheese, chopped onions and coriander. Cover it and cook on medium heat until edges are golden brown.



Serves three


Soak time: 8 hrs

Preparation time: 15 to 20 mins


One day


4 thoughts on “Black eyed beans dosa (pan cake) / alasandala dosa

  1. shikha says:

    looks yummy, going to try soon. just wondering if we don’t flip it, how the side with all topping will be cooked.

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