Avisaginjala ladoo / flax seed ladoo

Dussehra (Navratri) is a vibrant nine-day festival to honor Mother goddess.  Sometimes you may have less time to prepare prasad, this dish comes in very handy on such occasions. Flaxseed used to be a common ingredient in olden days and is recently becoming very popular again. My mom tells me, they used to eat roasted nuts, pulses, and flaxseed, as a good source of strength. My grandfather was a farmer and due to hard manual labor work, farmers need strong healthy food. Flaxseed was popular as a snack and in dishes.

Let’s celebrate with a dish which is an easy, healthy, tasty and good source of strength.

Avisaginjala ladoo / flax seed ladoo

Avisaginjala ladoo / flax seed ladoo


  1. Flax seeds  –  three-fourth cup
  2. Dry fruits  –  half cup (almonds, cashews, pistachios, and walnuts)
  3. Sesame seeds  –  three tbsp
  4. Powdered jaggery  –  one and one-fourth cup
  5. Ghee  –  three tbsp


Heat the pan, add dry fruits and dry roast them until they are light golden brown. Remove them onto a plate. Add sesame seeds and flax seeds to the same pan and roast them until they are toast. Transfer into a plate.

Crush the dry fruits, sesame seeds, flax seeds and jaggery together. Crush them coarsely. Transfer into a bowl and add little by little ghee until you are able to make laddus. (Ghee is used to enhance the taste and helps to bind.)

Avisaginjala ladoo / flax seed ladoo

Avisaginjala ladoo / flax seed ladoo


Makes around 10 to 12 laoddos


30 mins


One week