Sajja appalu/burellu

Happy Sankranthi to all. Another festival which is celebrated by many communities across India.

This sweet is quite popular in Andhra during this time. Pay special attention to the measurements in this recipe. The process is similar to Garalu / sweet poori made with whole wheat. The millet flour is used to make rotis during this festival. The same flour is used in this recipe.

Sankranthi Muggu / Rangoli

Sankranthi Muggu / Rangoli

Sajja apallu/borelu

Sajja apallu/borelu


  1. Sajja pindi / Bajra flour  –  one cup
  2. Jaggery powder  –  one cup
  3. Water  –  one-fourth cup
  4. Ghee  –  one tbsp
  5. Dry grated coconut  –  two tbsp
  6. Gasalu / kas kas –  one tbsp
  7. Oil  –  to deep fry


Add bajra flour in bowl and keep it aside. In a small pan, add ghee, coconut and kus kus. Fry them until light golden color. Transfer to flour bowl. Put jaggery and water in a saucepan and turn on heat. Keep stirring until jaggery dissolves in water. (It will take  3 to 5 mins).

Remove from heat. Strain the syrup and add the syrup to flour and mix well to make dough. (Use spoon to mix).

Cover it and leave it aside for  10 mins.

Now take a small amount of dough and flatten it on a greased plastic cover. (While flattening the puri grease your hands with ghee.)

Deep fry until they are golden brown.


Serves five


40 mins


One day