Dosa (Millet)

Dosa – one of the most ubiquitous dishes in the world. There are so many different tastes, ingredients, and accompaniments. What looks deceivingly simple, takes practice to master a thin and crisp dosa. Internet is filled with images and videos of fastest dosa, largest dosa etc. The same batter can be used to make idli, uttapam, ponganalo etc. Its easy on the stomach too so even very young ones love it. There are contemporary versions like Pav-bhaji dosa etc. Millet dosa is a healthy take on traditional rice based dosa. The taste is indistinguishable. Fermentation is the most crucial part. During winters fermentation might take more time.

Dosa (millet)

Dosa (millet)


  1. Urad daal / mina pappu  –  one cup
  2. Pearl millet  –  two cups
  3. Sona masuri rice  –  one cup
  4. Poha / attukullu  –  one-fourth cup
  5. Chana daal / chenega pappu  –  three tbsp
  6. Methi seeds  –  half tsp
  7. Salt  –  to taste
  8. Oil/ghee –  to smear on dosa


Wash and soak all the above ingredients except salt and oil for 6 to 8 hours. Grind them to a smooth paste. Ferment it until bubbly (set it in a warm place). To the fermented batter, add salt and mix well. If the batter is too thick add a little water.

To make dosa, set the cast-iron skillet over medium. Once the pan is medium hot, place 1/4 cup batter in the center of the griddle. Using the bottom of ladle, quickly spread the batter outward in a circular motion to a diameter of about 7 inches. Drizzle 1/2 teaspoon oil over the top. Once the outer edges begin to look dry and brown, loosen the dosa with a spatula..slowly…remove it. Crisp and golden brown dosa ready….


To make a cone dosa, make a slit as shown in the figure above. Now if you lift the dosa with spatula from one side to another, it rolls into a cone with the tip at the center. Voila..cone dosa ready !


Serves  six


 one day


One day


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