Perugu dosa / Yogurt dosa

A dosa with simplest ingredients and super fast to make. Since curd is used, it is soft, light and has a tangy flavor. This is yet another dish based on rice and curd, pretty common in south Indian cuisine. Its a good way to use leftover curd. Unlike other dosa batter this one doesn’t swell up too much after fermentation. The bubbles in dosa are due to fermentation. Note there is no soda in this and very less oil.

Perugu dosa

Perugu dosa

Perugu dosa

Perugu dosa


  1. Raw rice  –  two cups
  2. Yogurt  –   two cups
  3. Salt  –  to taste
  4. Oil – to smear on dosa


Soak rice in curd for three hours and grind them to a fine paste.Then ferment it. To the fermented batter, add salt and mix well. (If batter is too thick add little water) 


Heat the pan, put some batter in the middle of the hot pan and spread it in a circular motion. Smear little oil on the sides. It should be a thick dosa like uttapam. Once edge start turning golden brown then flip the dosa and let it cook.

Enjoy with your favorite chutney.


Serves three


 25 mins and fermentation


One day


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