Sajja rotti / bajra roti

A traditional Sankranti dish – bajra roti. Sesame seeds are a very common ingredient in the flour. I recall, when we were kids, Mom used to make this roti only on Sankranti festival. She used to get exactly the needed amount of flour saying the taste changes within 2 weeks. Mixed vegetable curry or brinjal curry are the most common accompaniments for bajra roti. I made Brinjal curry  this time.


The flour needs good kneading. Its best to make rotis as soon as you are done kneading unlike other rotis where you set aside the kneaded floor for sometime. I used a rolling pin, instead of palms, for making the thin rotis.

Sagga rotti / bajri roti

Sagga rotti / bajri roti

Sagga rotti / bajri roti

Sagga rotti / bajri roti


  1.   Sajja pindi / bajra flour / pear millet  –  one cup
  2.   Water  –  one cup and one-fourth cup
  3.   Salt  –  little
  4.   Sesame seeds  –  four tbsp


In a sauce pan, add water and salt. Boil the water. On a low flame, add flour and mix well and immediately turn off heat. Remove from stove and cover with lid. After 15 minutes, transfer it to a plate.

Knead it until you get dough like consistency. While kneading, smear water on your palms.

Take a small amount of dough, roll the dough ball over sesame seeds and roll like roti. Roll it slowly and lightly to avoid breaking it. Use flour for dusting. Lift the roti gently and place it on the pan (medium heat). Use a wet cloth to dab the roti as shown. It helps to cook the roti nicely since there is no oil. As soon as the roti absorbs the water and it becomes dry, flip the roti to other side. Dab only on one side.

Once you see light golden spots on both sides, its ready.



Serves three


 25 mins


One day


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