Coconut laddu with gulkand

Enjoy Diwali with friends and family… Happy Diwali !!!

Happy Diwali

Best way to end a meal is with awesome dessert or paan. How delightful would it be to combine the two – whoa! Gulkand, for those who may not know, is a sweet preserve made from rose petals and an essential ingredient in paan. Coconut laddu with paan leaves and gulkand turned out to be a super awesome combo. An instant hit in the family. The fragrance of paan and the sweetness of laddu leave a lasting flavour.

Coconut ladoo with gulkan

Coconut ladoo with gulkand


  1. Grated fresh coconut  –  two and half cups
  2. Dry nuts powder  –  half cup ( I used cashew, almonds and walnuts)
  3. Sugar  –  one and half cup
  4. Milk  –  half cup
  5. Saffron  –  a pinch
  6. Dry grated coconut for rolling
  7. Gulkand – 4 tblsp


Mix fresh grated coconut, dry nuts powder, sugar, saffron and milk in a pan with thick bottom. Cook until the mixture becomes little dry and leaves the sides of the pan. Transfer to plate and wait for 5 mins before making laddus.

Making laddus

Apply little ghee on your palm. Take little portion of coconut mixture and flatten it. Place a small portion of gulkand mixture in the center. Fold all the edges finely, so that gulkand mixture does not come out. Make laddu shape.


Serves three


 25 mins


Three to four days


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