Dry fruit ice gola

Wish you all a very Happy Holi 

One of the most fun festivals, eagerly awaited by all ages. Truely a “colorful” time of the year ! It’s also feast time. In many parts of India, summer is already warming up by this time. Perfect occasion to have a refreshing cool dessert after a long fun-filled and tiring holi celebration. So get together with your family/friends and enjoy this amazing cooler – a favorite street food.

Rabdi, mava, ice-ball etc can all be prepared ahead of time. You could carry these and “assemble” the dessert at your favorite place. It’s important to have things ready since the dessert will start melting quickly so assemble just before eating. I didn’t have kala-katha but I’m sure it’ll push this dessert to the next level of yumminess. You can add your favorite fruit crush as a topping.

Ice gola

Ice gola

Ice gola

Ice gola


  1. Rabdi  –  half cup ( home made)
  2. Mawa / kova  –  three tbsp
  3. Dry fruits  –  four tbsp (almonds,cashew and pistachios)
  4. Orange juice
  5. Strawberry puree
  6. Tutti fruiti


Crush the ice in mixer jar. (Add four to five cubes at a time, if you add more mixer will get stuck). Grind until you see fine icy grains.

ice gola

ice gola

Quickly make a round ball ( cricket ball size), pour orange juice, next rabdi, grated mawa, dry fruits, strawberry puree, again orange juice and tutti fruiti.

ice gola

ice gola


Serves one


 25 mins



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