Coconut laddu

Happy Janmashtami

On Janmashtami, we always prepare some dessert with beaten rice, jaggery, coconut, butter as ingredients since these are Krishna’s favourites. Kids have a lot of fun during this festival, since some families distribute sweets, candies, chocolates on this day, kids make rangolis, little Krishna’s foot steps etc. Since Krishna was born at midnight, some people fast during the day and feast at night after puja.

I made coconut laddu since it has all the favourite ingredients without the elaborate procedure of making syrup etc. Using fresh coconut brings out the best flavour. Use medium flame and continuously stir. This is very important. The laddu has rick milk taste. If you use only the white portion of almonds then the laddu will be much whiter.

Coconut laddu

Coconut laddu


  1. Milk  –  two cups
  2. Fresh grated coconut  –  one cup (white part only, no brown skin)
  3. Crushed almonds  –  four tbsp
  4. Sugar  –  half cup


In a wide pan, add milk and keep boiling on medium to low flame until it reduces to half. Keep stirring. Now add sugar, almond  and coconut. keep stirring until it thickens and is non-sticky.

Turn off and transfer it into a plate. After 5 mins make round laddus with it. Smear your hands with little ghee while rolling the laddus.


Serves two


15 to 20 mins


One day


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