Potato and paneer snack

I’m back from my summer vacation ! This is a treat for potato and paneer aficionados ! Since you can prepare the mixture in advance and with few ingredients its great for party snack. You could use these as kofta too. Instead of parsley you can try mint, italian herbs etc. I used home-made paneer.

Imagine a relaxed weekend evening, hot tea and hot snack served to you … peace !

Potato and paneer balls


  1. Boiled and mashed (coarsely) potato  –  one cup
  2. Grated paneer  (cottage cheese) –  three-fourth cup
  3. Dried parsley or dried coriander  –  half tsp
  4. Salt  –  to taste
  5. Red chilli flakes  –  half tsp
  6. Pepper powder  –  little
  7. Besan / chick pea flour  –  four to five tsp
  8. Rice flour  –  to roll (four tsp)
  9. Oil  –  to deep fry


Mix all the above ingredients (except oil). If required you can add one more spoon besan for binding. Make small rounds.

Cover it and keep in refrigerator for 30mins. Remove from refrigerator and roll them in rice flour and deep fry in medium hot oil. Ready to serve …..



Serves four


40 mins


One day


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