Ice cream cake

Ice creams are most sought after treat in summer. Gravity ice cream cake can add fun to your special occasion like birthday parties. You can involve kids in sticking the biscuit sticks and putting gems on the cake. If you don’t like frosting, then you can melt chocolate and use it as binder. Add flavors that you love. The base layer can be cookies, biscuits or cake pieces…it’ll be like cassata icecream ! Nuts can add crunchiness. You don’t need any baking tools in this recipe. If your kitchen is hot then you may have to put the ice cream in freezer frequently while decorating it.

Gravity ice cream cake

Gravity ice cream cake


  1. Mango ice cream
  2. Vanilla ice cream    (my recipe)
  3. Pistachio ice cream
  4. Yan yan biscuit  –  two boxes ( It contains biscuit sticks and frosting. They are available in different flavours)
  5. Chocolate gems or m&m

Note: I used eggless ice cream.


Take a round cake pan or spring foam pan. Line the bottom and sides with plastic wrap overhanging on edges (overhanging plastic wrap helps to lift the cake once frozen).

First layer

Spread the vanilla ice cream, cover with plastic wrap. Place it in freezer for 30mins or until little firm.

Second layer

Spread the pistachio ice cream on vanilla ice cream. Cover with plastic. Place it in freezer until firm.

Third layer

Spread the mango ice cream on pistachio ice cream. Cover with plastic wrap. Place it in the freezer until firm.

Now let’s make gravity cake.

Remove cake from freezer, lift it from the pan and place it on the cake stand. Remove the wrap. In the middle of the cake push one yan yan biscuit stick. Pop a dot of chocolate cream on gems or m&ms. Stick the gems on the  yan yan biscuit from top to bottom (cover the whole stick).

Spread some gems or m&ms on the cake

Attach the biscuit stick on sides of the cake. Fully cover the sides with biscuit sticks.

      Put the chocolate box on top of the stick to create an illusion of gems  dropping out of the box onto the cake.


Serves two


one hour


One day


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