Steamed eggless chocolate cake

Have you ever wondered of making a steamed cake ? It got me thinking. Such a cake can be cooked without requiring any ovens/baking electronics. All you need a vessel to do steam. I knew about Kanchipuram Idli’s which are steamed in steel glasses. This was my inspiration and I decided to try the same scheme for chocolate cake. One important thing that I had to watch out was that moisture is ok for idlis but it can ruin cake. I used foil to avoid moisture.

It turned to be “Simply! Awesomely! Amazingly Yummy!!”

I wanted to avoid sugar and use jaggery instead. To ensure proper and even mixture, I used melted jaggery. The warmth in melted jaggery also helps in making the cake light/fluffy/soft. If you want to avoid butter and oil, use warm water instead.

This recipe is my creation. Very excited to share you.


  1. Jaggery  –  three fourth cup
  2. Wheat flour  –  three-fourth cup
  3. All purpose flour  –  one-fourth cup
  4. Baking soda  –  half tsp
  5. Grated ginger  –  one-fourth tsp
  6. Coco powder  –  two and half tsp
  7. Vanilla essence  –  half tsp
  8. Butter or oil  –  one-fourth cup
  9. Water  –  three-fourth cup


Sift the wheat flour, all-purpose flour, coco powder and baking soda. Keep it aside.

On a stove, place the sauce pan, add jaggery,ginger and water. Keep stirring until jaggery melts. Turn off immediately. Remove from the stove.


Add flour mixture, oil, vanilla essence. Mix well. If batter is too thick add little warm water.

Grease the steel glass (use medium height glasses preferably) with butter, pour the batter in to glass until half. Cover with silver foil. The foil prevents moisture from getting into the cake and so this is really important.

Steam them for 25 to 30 mins on low to medium flame. To check if the cake is ready, poke it with a toothpick. If the batter has cooked properly then it won’t stick to the toothpick and the toothpick would be dry.

Let the cake cool down for 5-10 mins and then slowly loosen the edges with a knife and then scoop it out.


Serves two


40 mins


One day


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