Methi and coriander rice / menthi and kothimera anamu

I learnt this recipe from one of my friend. Chutney and garnish is the most common way to consume coriander. This rice recipe is a nice variation. The use of coriander tames down the bitterness of Methi. The recipe is pretty quick since all it needs is just chopping so it comes in handy when you want to prepare a wholesome meal quickly. Its pretty important when you don’t want to miss out on fun things just because you need to cook. C’mon its vacation time !  The best accompaniment is raita.

Enjoy your hoidays !

Methi and coriander rice

Methi and coriander rice


  1. Basmathi  rice  –   one  and  one-fourth cup
  2. Methi leaves  –  three fourth cup
  3. Coriander leaves   –  one  cup
  4. Sliced onions  –  one medium size
  5. Sliced tomatoes  –  one medium size
  6. Slit green chillis  –  three
  7. Salt  –  to taste
  8. Oil  –  three tbsp
  9. Water  –  two cups
  10. Lime juice  –  one tbsp


Wash the rice and soak them in water for 15 mins.

In a hot pan, add oil, sliced onions and green chillis. Fry them until translucent. Then add tomatoes and fry until soft. Now add methi and coriander leaves. Fry them for 5 mins on low to medium heat. At this time, microwave the water or boil the water on the other side of the burner. Now add rice ( drain the water and add rice), gram masala, salt and mix well. Add hot water  and mix once.

Cover it and cook on low to medium flame until rice is cooked. Once cooked turn off heat.

Cover it for 10 mins. When serving add some lime juice. Ready to serve.


Serves two


30 mins


One day


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