Ugadi pachadi

Happy Ugadi 2015

The Ugadi (New Year) pachadi is the first dish served to anyone on this festive day. There are many variations in recipes for this pachadi. It has sweet, bitter, sour and many other ingredients. The mixtures of different tastes within a single dish symbolizes happiness, sorrow etc emotions in one’s life. In my family’s recipe, we add lots of dry fruits. It’s amazing how a simple dish like this tastes different across families.

Ugadi pachadi

Ugadi pachadi


  1. Roasted chana dal powder / putannala pappu  –  two tbsp
  2. Roasted chana daal  /  putannala pappu  –  two tbsp
  3. Jaggery  –   six tbsp
  4. Tamarind pulp  –  three tbsp (thick)
  5. Salt  –  a pinch
  6. Desecated coconut  –  one tsp
  7. Kas kas  –  a little
  8. Chopped raw mango  –  five tbsp
  9. Chopped dry fruits  –  eight tbsp (almonds, cashews, muskmelon seeds / kharbuja seeds)
  10. Red chilli powder  –  a pinch
  11. Neem tree flower ( we add only petals)  –  one fourth to half tsp


Mix all the above ingredients. Add little water for thin consistency. Ready to serve…


Serves two


15 to 20 mins


One day


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