Cake pops – chocolate

Happy Valentine’s Day !

Do you want your loved ones to go “Ooooh! Yummmm!” on this Valentine’s Day? Heres something that can help you. Chocolate cake popsicle ! Yay !! Chocolate is one of the best ways to express your love. Kids will absolutely love this. It can also be the perfect way to end a party meal. The popsicle with soft cake inside and a hard chocolate shell outside is just divine. Decorating the popsicle can be a fun activity for kids. If you have any leftover cake (eg: from cupcakes, birthday cake etc) or store-bought cake then this recipe can be a real delicious twist on it. Have fun making and sharing it.


  1. Chocolate cup cake  –  three
  2. Strawberry jam  –  one tbsp
  3. Whipped cream  –  two to three tbsp
  4.  Chocolate  –  one and half  cup
  5. Sugar sprinkle


Crumble the cupcake in to a bowl, to this add jam and cream. Mix until well combined and moist. The mixture should be enough to make balls. Make balls and refrigerate for one hour (cover with foil or plastic wrap).



In a microwave safe bowl, add chocolate and melt for 30 sec until silky and smooth. Attach lollipop stick to the cake balls and dip in the chocolate (make sure the cake is completely covered with chocolate) and place it on  a tray or wax sheet (place it upside down on  a thermocol sheet). Let it cool completely. Enjoy ….


Serves three


One hour and 15 mins


One day


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