Tomato and garlic chutney

There is a lot of variety in Tomato chutneys. The recipe is usually different between families, regions, etc. Once I had tasted tomato chutney with garlic flavour in a restaurant and I liked it very much. This recipe is my attempt to recreate that taste. It was a success !! I love this chutney with Idli and also as a Dosa spread.

Tomato garlic chutney

Tomato garlic chutney


  1. Chopped tomato  –  one and half cup
  2. Chopped onion  –  four tbsp
  3. Garlic  –  three
  4. Dried red chilli / endu merapakayalu – three
  5. Salt  – to taste
  6. Curry leaves  –  one tsp and for tempering
  7. Jeera / cumin seeds  –  one tsp
  8. Mustard seeds / avalu  –  half tsp
  9. Asafoetida  –  a pinch
  10. Oil  –  one tsp


In a hot pan, add all the ingredients and fry until tomatoes are cooked. Let the mixture cool down. Then make a fine paste in a mixer. Ready to serve with dosa, idli, uttapam etc.


Serves two


15 to 20 mins


One day


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