Mint pulao / pudina pulao

One of my good friend served me this yummy hot rice variety over a lunch. I loved it and so learnt the recipe from her. This recipe has been in their family since many generations. Thank you my friend for introducing me to this lovely recipe.

I have reduced the spice level a bit since my kid loves mint rice. These three veggies – carrot, beans and potato work wonderfully well in this recipe. An important tip from my friend was – do not make the paste ahead of time since the paste color would then turn dark green. So to get the right color, as seen in the pictures below, you should make the paste while frying the veggeis and then immediately add it to the pan.

Its a good school lunch box item, quick evening dinner item in Winters, a nice hot tasty rice … Enjoy!

Mint / pudina pulao

Mint / pudina pulao


  1. Mint leaf / pudina –  three-fourth cup
  2. Clove  –  two
  3. Maratimoggu / capers –  two
  4. Cardamom  –  one
  5. Kas kas  –  two tsp
  6. Fresh coconut  –  one-fourth cup
  7. Dry red chilli  –  two
  8. Green chilli  –  two
  9. Garlic  –  eight pods (medium size)
  10. Basmati rice  –  one and half cup (boiled in water)
  11. Sliced potato, green beans and carrot  –  one and one-fourth  cup
  12. Oil  –  three tbsp
  13. Lime juice  –  three tbsp


In a saute pan, heat the oil and add sliced vegetables. Toss the vegetable for 3 to 4 mins. While the vegetables are cooking on stove, in a mixer jar add clove, maratimoggu, cardamom, kas kas, dry red chilli, green chilli, garlic, mint leaf and fresh coconut. Make  a fine paste.



Once the vegetables are half-cooked, add paste and cook for five mins on medium flame.

Now add rice and  mix well. Turn off heat and add lime juice. Mix gently. Ready to serve.


Serves two


15 to 20 mins


One day


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