Pasta with creamy cilantro / coriander pesto

If you ask kids – Whats your favorite food? The most common answer would be “Pasta” !! They just love pasta. So this recipe can be an addition to your “KidFavorite” list.

Originally pesto is made from basil. For a change in pesto, I thought of using coriander instead. Coriander is present in most kitchens and its flavor is loved by all. So why not make a pasta sauce based on coriander ! To avoid coriander from overwhelming the taste, I made a cream and added flavored butter which included Italian herbs. Its a great lunch item (in hotpack) for kids. It was a big hit in my family.


  1. Coriander / cilantro / kothemera  –  handful
  2. Pine nuts  –  three tsp
  3. Pepper  –  one-fourth tsp
  4. Salt  –  to taste
  5. Olive oil  –  four tsp
  6. Garlic  –  two
  7. Paste  –  two and half cup
  8. Flavoured butter  –  one tblsp
  9. All purpose flour / maida  –  three tsp
  10. Milk  –  half cup
  11. Chopped bell pepper  – half cup


Fill a large tall pot with water on high heat. When the water begins to boil add little salt. Once the salt dissolves, add pasta to boiling water. Gently stir the pasta occasionally. Boil until its tender and slightly firm. Drain but keep some boiling water.

Lets make pesto – In a mixer jar add, coriander, salt, olive oil, pepper, garlic, pine nuts and little pasta boiled water (about two to three tsp).

Make a paste.

Keep it aside. Now in a wide pan, add little olive oil and bell pepper. Fry until they are tender and crispy. Remove from pan and keep it aside. In the same pan,add flavoured butter, melt butter. Add flour and keep stirring until butter and flour is mixed.

Pour milk and keep stirring until it thickens.

To this add pesto, and mix well.


Add bell pepper, boiled pasta. Mix well.Ready to serve…


Serves two


30 mins


One day


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