Parsi billalu / sweet puri

This recipe has been in my family cookbook for many generations. Its one of the family favorites esp amongst kids. Mixing / rubbing the ghee is the crucial step of this recipe. If done properly the puris will puff nicely and taste good. Even though puri is puffed its not crispy. It retains its shape and simply melts in mouth. Sugar must be sprinkled when puri is hot else the sugar won’t stay on puri. Some people call it “parsi peni” too.

Sweet puri

Sweet puri

Sweet puri

Sweet puri


  1. All purpose flour / maida –  three-fourth cup
  2. Ghee  –  three tsp
  3. Milk  –  five tsp
  4. Water  –  four tsp
  5. Powder sugar  –  one-fourth cup
  6. Cardamom powder  –  a pinch
  7. Oil  –  for deep fry


In a wide plate, add ghee and keep rubbing ghee with your fingers until it becomes frothy.


Add maida to ghee and mix. It’ll look like bread crumbs.

Now add little milk and water to make a stiff dough.

Leave it aside for 15mins. Roll into one-fourth inch chapathi.

Cut into round shape using cookie cutter or any small lid. Deep fry until light brown and puffed. Every puri  must be puffed.

Remove and sprinkle sugar powder on hot puri.

Ready to serve !


Serves two


30 mins


One day


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