Rice kheer / annam payasam / paramannam

One of the most common desserts in festival menu – rice kheer ! Usually for devi puja in our home, jaggery based desserts are used as prasadam. To get more rich taste add little fresh cream. You can use sugar instead of jaggery. To garnish, you can add dry fruits of your choice. If you want to reduce jaggery/sugar content then you add fresh chopped dates (or figs) while boiling. I have described the traditional recipe.

Rice kheer / annam payasam / paramannam

Rice kheer / annam payasam / paramannam


  1. Rice  –  one-fourth cup
  2. Moong daal / pesarapappu  –  three tbsp
  3. Jaggery –  half cup
  4. Whole milk  –  two and half cups
  5. Cardamom powder  –   pinch
  6. Cashews, raisins, almonds   – two tbsp
  7. Ghee  –  two tsp


Wash rice and moong daal in water and drain. Heat the milk in heavy bottom pan and let it come to boil. Reduce the flame to low, add rice and moong daal. On simmer or low flame, cook / boil until rice and moong daal is tender ( stir often). Add jaggery and cardamom powder. Keep stirring until jaggery melts and thickens. In another small pan, add ghee, cashews, almonds and raisins, fry until they are golden brown. Mix into kheer.


Serves two to three


25 mins


One day


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