Milk dry fruit jelly

Happy Navratri …

Sharing one more experiment from my kitchen – milk dry fruit jelly. Its important to have good calorie balance even during festivals. High calories sweets on somedays and low calories sweets on other days. This recipe is a low calorie nutricious dessert. It tastes just like kulfi. It takes time to freeze but the preparation is fast. Excellent coolant in hot weather. To add a touch of color to the presentation I added a spoon of strawberry jam at the top.

Milk dry fruit jelly

Milk dry fruit jelly


  1. Whole milk  –  one cup
  2. China grass powder  –  five tsp (I used bluebird brand, vanilla, vegetarian)
  3. Almonds  –  nine
  4. Cashew  –  six
  5. Raisins –  six
  6. Fig  –  one
  7. Pistachios  –  six


In a mixer jar add, almonds, cashews, raisins, pistachios. Grind to a powder.

Boil the milk on stove or microwave. Add china grass powder, dry fruits powder. Mix well. Place a fig at the bottom of glass bowl. Pour the mixture on top


and keep it in freezer for one hour. Ready to serve.


Serves two


preparation time  –  5 mins

Freezing time  –  one hour


One day


2 thoughts on “Milk dry fruit jelly

    • In Indian grocery store you will get china grass sheets or agar agar powder. you can try plain gelatin (less quantity), instant vanilla pudding mix. Quantity will change. I tried only china grass powder and china grass sheets. For cheese cake i used agar agar.
      Thank you

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