Dates and fig burfi

Navratri delicacies continue…

Do you dream of the dates-fig burfi that you tasted in sweet shop? Surprise ! Its super easy and quick to make at home. This dessert is good as a quick prasad as well as for people who are fasting. I’m always exploring delicious and interesting recipes that one can cook within less time while using handy ingredients. Its nutritious and a good alternative to energy bars. You can make this just with figs too.

Dates and fig burfi

Dates and fig burfi


  1. Dates  –  half cup
  2. Dried fig  –  two
  3. Chopped cashew, almonds, pistachios –  half cup
  4. Poppy seeds / kas kas  –  two tsp
  5. Sugar  –  two tsp (optional)
  6. Ghee  –  two tsp


In a mixer jar add dates, fig and little water (three tblsp). Make  a puree.

In a non stick pan add ghee, dates puree and sugar. Keep stirring until it thickens and becomes non sticky. Add dry fruits and kas kas. Mix well.


Transfer into a greased plate. Spread one inch thick.

Cut in to pieces after half hour. Ready to serve…


Serves two to three


15  mins


A week (store in airtight container)


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