Microwave coconut laddu

∞ Happy Navratri ∞

Celebrate start of Navratri festivities with this dessert – coconut laddu !  It’s a 1-pot recipe! You can also use a stove for this recipe. Since I used microwave the preparation took only 10 mins! Perfect for sudden large get-togethers. Instead of store bought sweets, gift these home made fresh fabulous laddus.

Microwave coconut ladoo

Microwave coconut ladoo

Microwave coconut ladoo

Microwave coconut ladoo


  1. Fresh grated coconut / kobbari thurumu –  one cup
  2. Sugar  –  eight tsp
  3. Ghee  –  two tsp
  4. Milk  –  six tsp
  5. Milk powder  –  six tsp
  6. cardamom powder  –  pinch
  7. Saffron strings  –  pinch
  8. Almond and pistachio  –  few


In a microwave safe bowl, add ghee and melt for 40 sec.

Remove from microwave and add fresh grated coconut and mix well.


Microwave for two mins. (stir every minute).

Remove from microwave, add milk, sugar, milk powder, cardamom powder, saffron strings.

Microwave for three mins. (stir every minute). You can see nice light yellow color and all the milk is absorbed.

Cool it and divide into six equal portions. Shape each portion into round balls like ladoo. Decorate with almond and pistachios.Ready to serve.


Serves two


10 mins


Store in airtight container and keep in refrigerator. Stays for two to three days.


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