Home made butter – flavoured butter

Wishing all readers a Happy Krishna Janmashtami !

Butter is Krishna’s favourite. Numerous stories talk of Krishna’s fondness for butter. Since my childhood, I recall home-made butter being served as one of the prasadam on Janmashtami. Traditionally, to make butter, fresh cream or malai ( layer formed on boiled non-homogenized  whole milk) is collected. After it cools, it’s stored in air tight container in freezer. Repeat these steps until you get at least two cups of cream. Instead of using malai one can buy heavy cream from store and make butter by following this recipe. With the school season starting, this can come in handy during breakfasts.

I have made plain and flavoured butter. You can try your favourite flavours. Enjoy…

Krishna Janmashtami

Plain, Herb and Strawberry butter

Plain, Herb and Strawberry butter


  1. Heavy cream  – one pint
  2. Strawberry jam  –  two tblsp
  3. Dry basil  –  half tsp
  4. Dry oregano  –  one-fourth tsp
  5. Dry parsley  –  half tsp
  6. Chilli flakes  –  on-fourth tsp
  7. Salt  –  a pinch


Pour heavy cream in to a food processor or Indian Mixer . Use pulse mode and 1 speed for short intervals. Keep checking after each interval. First stage, you will see smooth cream , now add three-fourth cups of water and continue the mixer until butter separates. You can see butter floating on top of butter milk.

Turn off the mixer and strain the butter in a cheesecloth.

Butter is ready.

To make strawberry butter

I took four tblsp of butter and mixed strawberry jam in a bowl.

 Wrap it in a plastic wrap tightly ( as shown in the picture).

To make herb butter

I took four tblsp of butter and mixed dry basil, dry oregano, dry parsley, chilli flakes and salt. Mix well

and wrap it in a plastic wrap. Wrap rest of the plain butter and roll in a plastic wrap. ( If you don’t have plastic wrap, you can store it in an air tight container, in wax paper or parchment paper)


Serves  ten


15 to 20 mins



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