Kalakand – Dry fruits kalakand and pineapple kalakand

Make this occasion memorable and special by preparing a delicious dessert for your loving brother. This is one of the oldest and popular sweet in India usually made during festivals. Another name for this dish is milk cake. Set aside 40 mins of your time to make this nice gift.

To save time, I used two pans together. I used crushed pineapple and the sweet sour combo was really awesome. I didn’t cook pineapple to keep its original taste. Less ingredients and simple steps make it an easy to follow recipe. For newbies, this recipe will help you to learn paneer preparation. You could make little extra paneer and have a sweet-spicy combo (paneer snack with kalakand sweet). Your brother is surely going to be WOW’ed !

Adding little kalakand to any curry with gravy makes it richer and tastier. So you can even reuse leftovers but I doubt if there’s going to be any leftovers 🙂

Celebrate the occasion – Happy Rakhi


Kalakand / milk cake


  1. Whole milk  –  four and half cups
  2. Sugar  –  one-third cup
  3. Chopped dry fruits  –  handful ( I used almonds and pistachio)
  4.  Crushed pineapple –  three tblsp
  5. Lime juice  –  one tsp


Frist pan  –

Add two cups of milk in a heavy bottom pan / vessel. Once it reaches boiling consistency, add sugar , stir it and reduce the flame to low. Keep boiling until half of milk remains (one cup). In between keep stirring.

Second pan  –

While  milk is boiling in the frist pan, on the adjacent flame –

Add one and half cup of milk in another pan / vessel.  Once the milk starts bowling, add lime juice and turn heat low. You should immediately see milk curdling. If not add some more lime juice until it begins to curdle. Remove from the heat and pour into a cheese cloth – lined colander. Gently wash under cold water to remove sour taste. Squeeze excess water and place some heavy weight on it to drain water. (It will take less than 10mins). Paneer is ready

Once milk is reduced to half in the first pan,


add panner and mix it.


Now increase flame to medium and keep stirring until milk is evaporated.


The mixture thickens and leaves the sides.


Transfer mixture into a  plate. Wait until the mixture is luke warm.

Since we are making two kinds of kalakand : dry-fruit and pineapple, divide the mixture into equal parts. In one part, add dry fruits and mix. Spread to a desired shape (round , square). In another part add crushed pineapple and mix well.


Spread to a desired shape.


Keep in refrigerator for half an hour.

Ready to eat.


Serves three to four


40 mins


One day


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