Nuvvula muda / unda – sesame cookie

Every festival has its own story and customary dishes. This sweet is specially made on Nagula Chavithi. This sweet is exchanged between family members and friends. It’s a traditional sweet with few ingredients. You won’t usually find it in sweet shops.

Nuvvula muda / unda - sesame cookie

Nuvvula muda / unda – sesame cookie


  1. Thella nuvvulu / white sesame seeds  –  half cup ( nylon nuvvulu)
  2. Bellam / Jaggery –  half cup (chopped or grated)
  3. Ghee  –  one tblsp
  4. Grated dry coconut  –  one and half tblsp
  5. Gasallu / kas kas  –  One tsp
  6. Chopped cashews / godambe  –  one tblsp
  7. Cardamom powder – one pinch


In a mixer, add sesame seeds and grind for a sec,

then add jaggery and grind again until everything is mixed. It will take less than a mintue.

Transfer the mixture into a plate. In a pan, add ghee, coconut, kas kas, cashews. Fry until light brown color, add this to sesame mixture and mix well with hands. Add cardamom powder.

Tip: If you find this little dry, you can add _very_ few drops of milk.

Make shapes with cookie cutter or you can make round shapes with hand.

Ready for prasadam.


Serves two


15 to 20 mins


Two to three days


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