Almond chocolate burfi



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When I think about motherhood, I’m always reminded of this Telugu movie song …

pedave palikina matallone teeyani mate ama
kadile devata ama kantiki veloogama
tanalo mamate kalipi pedootoondi moodaga
tana lali pataloni sarigama panchootoondi prema madhoorima
manaloni pranam ama, manadena roopam ama
yenaleni jali gooname ama, nadipinche deepam ama
karooninche kopam ama, varamicche teepi sapam ama
na ali ama ga avootoondaga, jo lali padanaa kamaga kamaga
potillo edige baboo, na vollo vodige baboo
iroovooriki nenoo amavana, na kongoo pattevadoo
na kadoopoona poottevadoo, idariki prema andinchana
na chinni nannani vadi nannani, noorelloo sakana challaga challaga
edigi edagani o pasi koona, moodoolakanna jojo bangaroo tandri jojo
bajjo lalijo, palike padame vinaka kanoolara nidoorapo
kalaloki nenoo cheri tadoopari panchootanoo prema madhoori
edigi edagani o pasi koona, moodoolakanna jojo bangaroo tandri jojo
bajjo lali jo

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Summer holidays are great fun, long play times, no homework, visiting grand parents, going on picnic or vacation. Moms and grandmoms prepare lots of snacks for kids. On hot summer days, its hard to spend time in the kitchen so its great to prepare a  favorite snack with a quick and simple recipe – chocolate burfi !!

Its amazing how five simple ingredients can be used to make such a fabulous snack. Its often served during festivals like Diwali, HoIi. I have used Almond but you could choose your favorite and be creative with the burfi shapes.

Almond chocolate burfi

Almond chocolate burfi


  1. Almond powder  –  one-fourth cup
  2. Mawa milk powder  –  three – fourth cup
  3. Coco powder  –  two tbsp and half tbsp
  4. Sugar  –  half cup
  5. Butter  –  two tblsp
  6. Water  –  one – fourth cup


In a pan, add sugar and water. Boil it on medium heat until you get one string consistency. Now add butter, coco powder, almond powder and milk powder. Keep stirring the mixture until butter starts leaving the sides of the pan (it takes less than a minute) .

Turn off heat and spread on a greased plate / tray and press into half inch thickness.

While still warm cut in to squares or any shapes using cookie cutter.

Note : Use this tip to create even sized burfis. Grease the flat bottom surface of a small bowl and spread the burfi mixture using the bowl. It protects your hands from hot mixture.

Tip : To speed up the cooling, keep the pressed burfi mixture in a refrigerator for five mins.


Serves four to five


15 mins


One week


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