Eggless vanilla ice cream

Icecream – brings smile to everyone. You can enjoy it in any season, on any occasion and even for no reason. Available from street hawkers to the most exquisite restaurants/hotels worldwide. There are countless flavors. Vanilla is probably the oldest flavor of all.  There are lots of interesting combinations – a cookie icecream sandwich, icing on a cake, fruit sundae, icecream milkshakes etc.

One doesn’t need an icecream maker for this recipe. Its very quick to make (can save you a trip to store on a hot scorching day) and the texture is smooth. You can’t tell the difference between this and the one from a store.

A good project to do with kids. A great surprise gift on Mother’s day.

Eggless vanilla ice cream

Eggless vanilla ice cream


  1. Organic heavy whipping cream  –  one cup( In India we call fresh cream)
  2. Organic whole milk  –  one and three – fourth cup
  3. Mava milk powder  –  one-fourth cup and three tsp (In USA, I used Deep brand with ” mava milk powder” written on the cover.)
  4. Organic sugar  –  one-fourth cup and two tbsp
  5. Vanilla essence  –  one tsp


Whisk heavy whipping cream in a bowl for 30 seconds. Now add sugar and vanilla essence.  Whisk until stiff peaks are formed.

(Note: Don’t over whisk else it will become lumpy and like butter).

Now add milk and mava milk powder.

Mix well by hand (don’t use the electronic mixer).

Cover the bowl using a plastic wrapping sheet and freeze it for six to eight hours.

To get soft texture, remove from freezer after three hours, mix by hand and then freeze again until its set.

I served it in a cone ! Kids loved it !


Serves four to five.


10 to 15 mins preparation time.

Six to eight hours freezing time.


Store in freezer, stays for 15 to 20 days. Note :cover the bowl with plastic wrap, then put on the lid.  It helps to avoid ice crystals


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