Waffle mixed dal dosa (adai)

I wanted to create a recipe using the regular dosa batter but present it in a unique way. The options seemed to be – variety of stuffed dosa, dosa with chutney smeared inside, variant of ponganalu etc. Then it occurred to me, what if I use grill .. or even better – a waffle maker! Using dosa batter in waffle maker sounded like a cool idea. I didn’t have to change anything in the batter to use it with the waffle maker. It doesn’t need additional oil compared to the regular recipe. You can even try using a grill if you have one. You could also add additional ingredients to create variants like ‘onion dosa waffle’ etc.

Enjoy !

Waffle dosa

Waffle dosa



  1. Chana dal / senaga pappu –  one-fourth cup
  2. Split moong daal / pesara pappu –  one-fourth cup
  3. Split black eye beans / alasandalu  –  one-fourth cup
  4. Urad daal / minapa pappu –  one-fourth cup
  5. Brown sona masoori rice  –  half cup
  6. Cumin / jeera seeds  –  one tblsp
  7. Salt  –  to taste
  8. Ginger  –  one-fourth inch
  9. Chopped coriander leaves  –  four tblsp
  10. Oil  –  to smear on dosa


Soak chana dal, moong dal, black eye beans, urad dal and brown rice in water for six hours. Now grind them by adding ginger in a grinder until batter is smooth.(Add little water at a time while grinding, batter should not be too loose). Transfer in to a bowl, add salt, jeera seeds and coriander. Mix well.

I used this (http://www.cuisinart.com/products/waffle_makers/wmr-ca.html) waffle maker. Preheat the waffle maker. Lightly brush the top and bottom of waffle grid with oil. Pour half cup of batter in middle and spread evenly.


Close it and let it cook. In my waffle maker, I keep the slider on # 5.

The light turns green when the waffle is cooked. Serve hot with chutney….


Serves three to four


Soaking time: 6 hrs

Cooking time:15 to 20 mins


One day


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