Sweet potato chaat

Happy Shivaratri !!

In my childhood, Mom used to give us boiled sweet potato as a snack on Mahashivaratri. We used to love it. The natural taste of the vegetable is so yummy and delicious. I wanted to make a recipe with it.  I searched through my recipe books, notes for ideas and checked the ingredients in my pantry. Should I make – mashed sweet potato, curry (pulusu), sweet potato frys ? None of them seemed to be interesting enough for now. After some more thinking I came up with the idea to make a snack – sweet potato chaat !!

Once I decided to make the snack, I thought of different options like boil or roast or simply peel and chop. Roast on gas / grill gives a different taste and takes less time to make so why not try ‘roast’.  Done! Since it’s a chaat, can I bring some sweet-n-sour flavor? Sweet tamarind-dates chutney was the answer.

So here we go … sweet potato chaat.

Sweet potato chaat

Sweet potato chaat


  1. Sweet potato  –  one (big)
  2. Green chutney  –  three tblsp (see my recipe in chutney page)
  3. Sweet chutney  –  three tblsp
  4. Thin Sev  –  little
  5. Chopped cucumber  –  little
  6. Red chilli powder  –  a pinch
  7. Finely chopped onions – little


Roast the sweet potato on grill.

Cool it and remove the skin. Chop in to cubes. In a pan, add one tsp oil , fry sweet potato for a minute. Then add green chutney, sweet chutney and mix well. Transfer in to a serving plate.  Sprinkle sev, cucumber, onions and red chilli powder on top.


Serves two


15 to 20 mins


One day


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