Chocolate strawberry bouquet

Have you ever wanted to gift a delicious chocolate fruit bouquet ? Here is the recipe to build a nice gift for a loved one. Its a chance to be artistic and creative with the arrangement. Its a favorite party (birthday, valentine etc) dessert. Use of good quality chocolate makes a lot of difference in the taste and texture. You could use different varieties like dark chocolate, semi-sweet etc.

Chocolate strawberry

Chocolate strawberry

Chocolate strawberry bouquet

Chocolate strawberry bouquet


  1. Strawberry  –  one and half cup
  2. Pineapple  –  few (i used a heart shaped cookie cutter)
  3. Pear  –  few heart-shaped    
  4. Apple  –  few heart-shaped
  5. Apricot  –  few
  6. Chopped nuts – few, for sprinkling
  7. Melted milk chocolate  –  three – fourth cup


Melt the chocolate using double boiling method. Wash the strawberries and pat them dry (Make sure the strawberries are completely dry else they’ll become mushy when dipped in chocolate) . Poke a toothpick or skewer into stem side of strawberry. Hold the strawberry by the skewer and gently roll the strawberry  in melted chocolate, pull it up and twril.

Sprinkle nuts (or sugar pearls etc) gently on the chocolate covered strawberry. Place them on a foam sheet as shown in the picture and let them dry in refrigerator or at room temperature.


Serves two


30 mins


One day


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