Nuvvula sogi / Brinjal curry with sesame seed and Pulagam

Happy Bhogi to all readers. Sankranti is a fun festival. Colorful rangoli designs in front of houses transform streets into art galleries. This is taken as an opportunity to showcase artistic talents. At dawn bonfires are lit up with unused wooden things from home. This disposal of old things signifies transformation from bad to good. Infants and young children are showered with “regi pandulu” (fruits) to ward off evil. Kite flying from terrace tops is an unforgettable tradition during this time.

The cuisine during this festival is quite simple. The newly harvested rice is used in meals. The common dishes are – jonna roti (jawar) , pulagam, kala baggi (mixed veg curry), homemade butter and nuvvula sogi. The recipe here includes nuvvula sogi and pulagam. I’ll post jonna roti recipe some other time.

Enjoy this auspicious festival.

Nuvvula sogi and pulagam

Nuvvula sogi and pulagam


Ingredients for Nuvvula sogi

  1. Sesame seeds  –  half cup
  2. Slit brinjals  –  three (can add one / two more)
  3. Peeled onions  –  one cup
  4. Cumin/Jeera seeds  –   one tblsp and one tsp
  5. Coriander/Dhania seeds  –  one tblsp
  6. Dried red chillis  –  eight
  7. Dried coconut  –  three tblsp
  8. Grated jaggery  –  one-third cup
  9. Tamarind  –  small lime size (soak and squeeze)
  10. Oil  –  three tblsp
  11. Mustard seeds  –  half tsp
  12. Urad daal  –  one tsp
  13. Curry leaves  –  few
  14. Coriander leaves  –  few
  15. Salt – to taste


In a pan, roast sesame seeds until light brown. Transfer into a plate and add a drop of oil, jeera seeds(one tblsp), dhania seeds, dried coconut and red chillis. Fry them until they are light golden brown. Then transfer them into a sesame seeds plate. Cool it.  Make a fine powder after adding salt and jaggery. Stuff the powder into brinjals.

In a wide pan, add oil and prepare tadka with urad daal, jeera seeds (one tsp), mustard seeds and curry leaves. Now add pearl onions and stuffed brinjal.

Fry for five mins on medium flame and make sure to stir as necessary. Add tamarind pulp, half cup water and turmeric powder,  stir and cover with lid. Cook until brinjals are soft. Onces brinjals are soft add remaining sesame powder (if curry is thick, add some more water).  Mix it and cook for two mins. Ready to serve with jowar roti, pulagam….

Ingredients for Pulagam

  1. Rice  –  one cup
  2. Moong daal  –  half cup
  3. Salt  –  to taste
  4. Turmeric powder  –  one-fourth tsp
  5. Ghee  –  two tblsp
  6. Jeera seeds  –  half tsp
  7. Mustard seeds  –  half tsp
  8. Urad daal  –  one tsp
  9. Pepper seeds  –  one-fourth tsp
  10. Curry leaves  –  few
  11. Water  –  four cups


In a bowl add rice, moong daal, turmeric, salt and water, stir it. Pressure cook up to three whistle. Cool it and remove from the cooker. In a pan, prepare tadka with ghee, urad daal, jeera seeds, mustard seeds, pepper seeds and curry leaves. Add to rice and mix. Hot pulagam is ready to serve with home made butter or ghee…..


Serves two-three


 30 mins


One day


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