Eggless rasgulla cheesecake

Wish you all a very Happy and Sparkling Deepavali !

I used to prepare traditional Indian sweets on Diwali. This time, for a change, I decided to make a indian-western fusion cake. I got inspiration from a program in one of the Indian TV channel. I made some modifications to that recipe to increase its appeal within my family. To balance the sweetness from rasgulla and cake I added pineapple glaze. It also enhances look of the cake.

Eggless rasgulla cheesecake

Eggless rasgulla cheesecake


  1. Whipped cream – one cup, four tblsp
  2. Hung yogurt  –  four tblsp
  3. Agar agar powder –  one  and one-fourth tsp
  4. Saffron  –  big pinch
  5. Milk  –  three tblsp
  6. Rasgulla –  three (squeeze the juice out, cut them into small pieces or crush them and soak them in saffron milk for 15 mins)
  7. Eggless sponge cake  –  for base
  8. Rosewater – 1 tsp

For glaze,

  1. Pineapple juice – one-fourth cup
  2. Corn flour – one fourth tsp
  3. Sugar – one tblsp

To prepare glaze, in a sauce pan add corn flour, pineapple juice and sugar. Mix well. Heat it on medium flame until it starts boiling. Turn off the heat and let it cool down.

Pineapple glaze

Pineapple glaze


In a pan, add four tblsp of water and agar agar powder. Boil it until the powder is dissolved .

Add yogurt to a bowl and cream it until its smooth. Then add whipped cream, agar agar solution and rosewater. Fold until it is well blended or mixed. Make sure NOT to whisk/cream after adding whipped cream. Note that too much of agar agar can harden the cake.

Spread a layer of sponge cake inside a cookie cutter or mould.

1st layer

1st layer

Take half of the yogurt and whipped cream mixture and spread it on the sponge cake.

2nd layer

2nd layer

Then spread the soaked rasgulla pieces.

3rd layer

3rd layer

Now spread the remaining yogurt and whipped cream mixture on top. Spread the cooled glaze on top and refrigerate for 2-3 hrs until it sets.

Top layer

Top layer

Decorate with saffron and serve.


Serves four


Preparation and setting time – 4 hrs


One day


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