Halloween treats (cereal cluster and chocolate jelly)

Its fun to watch kids of all ages dressed in Halloween costumes going around with their pumpkin baskets collecting treats. I was thinking about the treats to make on this occasion… cookies, cake pops, cup cakes? I had recently tried making some chocolates with a friend who gave good ideas.  Also chocolates are loved by all kids so I decided to do some yummy chocolates for this occasion. My daughter had asked for jelly few days ago so I thought why not make a jelly stuffed chocolate treat !

Chocolate jelly and cereal cluster

Chocolate jelly and cereal cluster


  • Jelly powder  – half packet (vegetarian)

  • Chopped chocolate  –  one cup



Prepare jelly according to package instructions (i used half of jelly powder from the packet). Use jelly after its set.

Melt the chocolate (i used double broiler method). Stir until smooth.

Take chocolate mould, spread one layer with melted chocolate.

Set it aside at room temperature or keep it in refrigerator for 2 to 5 mins so that it hardens.

Now add jelly to the mould and cover it with chocolate again.

Set it aside until it becomes hard. Then wrap it in a chocolate wrapper. (Note: if melted chocolate hardens during preparation it can be re-melted and used).

There was some melted chocolate left. So i made chocolate cereal cluster.

In melted chocolate, add Cheerios and chocolate puffs (you can add any kind of cereal you like). Limit the cereal quantity such that the cereal is fully covered with chocolate. Stir it.

Take a tablespoon sized chocolate mixture on baking sheet  and place these about one inch apart. Put them in refrigerator for 15mins to set. Store in airtight container.


I got 40 pieces.


 30 mins


One day


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