Chocolate samosa

Wish you a happy KarvaChauth.

Sweets are a common ingredient in the meal after Karvachauth fast. I wanted to make a different kind of dessert for this occasion. I tried different combinations of samosa and chocolate. The recipe described here is the winning combination. My family loved it.

One can make this recipe in advance of parties, potluck etc. Kids love anything with chocolate so this is an instant hit with kids. I try to avoid deep fry hence its baked.

Chocolate Samosa

Chocolate Samosa


  1. Samosa pads / sheets
  2. Finely chopped almonds  –  four tblsp
  3. Finely chopped cashews  –  six tblsp
  4. Chopped chocolate  –  one-fourth cup
  5. Sugar  –  two tblsp
  6. Salt  –  pinch
  7. Pepper powder  –  pinch
  8. Sweet chutney  –  one-fourth tsp
  9. Ghee  –  two tsp
  10. Grated ginger – one-fourth tsp


Thaw the sheets at room temperature for 30 to 40 minutes before using.

Preheat the oven upto 350 degree F. In a pan add one tsp ghee, ginger, almonds, cashew, salt, pepper, sugar,sweet chutney and mix. Fry until nuts start changing color and then remove from the pan.

Nut mixture

Nut mixture

Take a samosa sheet, grease the sheets with water. Place little mixture of nuts and add some chopped chocolate on top. Fold the pastry into a samosa shape (seal the edges well). The samosa sheet pack has instructions on how to fold them.

Grease the baking pan. Place the samosas and bake them for 15 mins or until they are golden color (flip them after 8 mins). Ready to serve … enjoy the yummy sweet samosa.


Serves two


 25 mins


One day


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