Mango pineapple smoothie

Navratri was great fun with all the delightful recipes!

After taking a short break since Navratri,  a light and cheerful recipe – mango pineapple smoothie !

It can also be a great kids snack.

I got inspired by an awesome mocktail at a restaurant in India.  My family loves smoothies and mocktails. Mango is one of our favourite fruit. My daughter loved it when she first had it and asked me if I could make it. When I prepared at home, she loved it. It’s very simple to make. I made it engaging for her by taking her help to spread the chocolate sauce in the glass. Kids love such kind of activities.

Put on a nice song and relax with the smoothie … ummm.

Mango pineapple smoothie

Mango pineapple smoothie


  1. Mango pieces  –  two cups
  2. Pineapple pieces  –  three-fourth cup
  3. Heavy cream  –  one-fourth cup
  4. Chocolate sauce  –  to decorate
  5. Sugar  –  to taste
  6. Crushed almonds  – one tblsp


Grind mango, pineapple,heavy cream and sugar in to a smooth puree. If you want you can strain. Grease the sides of glass with chocolate sauce then pour the juice. Garnish with almonds.

Ready to savour..


Serves two


15 to 20 mins


One day


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