Fruit medley with yogurt

Mahalaxmi devi is worshipped today. There is a very famous temple in Kolhapur.

Today’s recipe – “fruit medley with yogurt” can be served during fasting. The sweetness of fresh fruit and creamy texture of yogurt made it a divine dessert. It is simple, quick, light, delicious, healthy and colorful. It’s also a good kid friendly recipe. The decoration can even be a fun activity for the kids!

Fruit medley with yogurt

Fruit medley with yogurt


  1. Chopped pear  –  one-fourth cup
  2. Chopped apple  –  one-fourth cup
  3. Chopped green grapes  –  one-fourth cup
  4. Pealed and chopped kiwi  –   one-fourth cup
  5. Finely chopped mint leaves  –  half tsp
  6. Thick yogurt  –  half cup
  7. Rock salt  –  pinch
  8. Sugar  –  two tsp


Beat the yogurt with salt and sugar until it is creamy. In  a serving bowl, put one layer of yogurt, then fruits and mint leaves. Repeat this one more time. Ready to serve……


Serves two


15 mins


One day


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