Garelu / sweet poori

Fifth day of navratri celebrations. Today ‘Bala tripura sundari’ goddess is worshipped. She is the beautiful goddess of the “three / tripura” worlds – earth, heaven and hell.

Today’s dessert is – “garelu” , one of my favourite sweet and the first recipe I learnt from mom. I used to ask Mom to make it almost every month.

Hot garelu with homemade ghee…Yumm !! can’t forget them.

Along with recipes, I’m enjoying the photography experiments. Hope you like them too. I’m also learning about how different regions within India celebrate this festive time.

Garelu / sweet poori

Garelu / sweet poori


  1. Wheat flour  –  one and half cup
  2. Shredded jaggery  –  One cup
  3. Water  –  half cup
  4. Oil  –  to deep fry
  5. Ghee – to grease the plastic cover


Add wheat flour in bowl and keep it aside. Put jaggery and water in a saucepan and turn on heat. Keep stirring until jaggery dissolves in water. (It will take  3 to 5 mins).

Jaggery simple syrup

Jaggery simple syrup

Remove from heat. Strain the syrup and add the syrup to flour and mix well to make dough. (Use spoon to mix).

Cover it and leave it aside for  .

Now take a small amount of dough and flatten it on a greased plastic cover. (While flattening the puri grease your hands with ghee.)

Deep fry until they are golden brown.


Serves four to five


 20 mins


One day


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