Soft mysore pak

On second day of Navratri celebrations, we worship Kamakshi devi, one of the nine forms of shakti. She has a very beautiful temple in kanchipuram (Tamil nadu).

Kamakshi devi

Kamakshi devi

Todays recipe is soft mysore pak.  I learnt it from my beloved grandma. The original recipe used more ghee and sugar. I did some experiments to reduce ghee and sugar content.  My family and friends loved this modified version. It’s a simple and quick recipe but the timing and consistency are very important.

soft mysore pak

soft mysore pak


  1. Besan / chickpea flour  –  one and half cup
  2. Sugar  –  one and half cup
  3. Oil  –  three-fourth cup
  4. Ghee  –  three-fourth cup
  5. Water  –  half cup
  6. Milk  –  two tblsp
  7. Greased baking pan (8 inch)


Sift the flour, add two tblsp of oil and mix it well.

Add oil and ghee to a sauce pan on medium flame. Oil should not become too hot.

Simultaneously use a heavy bottom wide pan to make sugar syrup.

Add sugar, water and milk to the heavy bottom wide pan. Once it starts boiling, remove foam from the top. This removes any impurities in the syrup. Stir it on a medium flame until the syrup has two string consistency.  To check consistency,  add few drops of the syrup to a small bowl of cold water. You should be able to roll it in to a ball. It should not dissolve and it should not be too hard.

Syrup consistency

Syrup consistency

Once you get the correct consistency, keep stirring the syrup and immediately add besan in little proportions. Keep stirring quickly. Once besan has blended into sugar syrup (you should see this within one minute) add hot oil (half cup at a time) from the other pan. Keep stirring quickly.

When oil leaves at the sides, turn off gas and remove immediately into a greased baking pan.

Pat the pan to spread it uniformly and remove any air bubbles. While it is warm cut the pieces but remove them after they cool down to room temperature.

Ready to eat…..


Serves four to five


 20 mins


Stays good for three to five days in air tight container.


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