Bread roll with paneer

Today I have introduced a new section on this blog – “For-kids”.  I’m starting this section with after-school snacks. This is a challenge for most moms. The snack should be healthy, quick to make, fun and interesting for kids.

I was thinking what to make for after school snack. I had bread, milk, vegetables, fruits. My daughter likes bread and paneer but not cashew. I felt why can’t I mix all these ingredients and use cashew powder. To make it healthy I chose to, bake instead of fry. Thats how this recipe got created. She loved it and we liked it too.

Bread roll with paneer

Bread roll with paneer


  1. Fresh home-made paneer / Grated ready-made paneer  –  half cup
  2. Cashew nut powder  –  two tblsp
  3. Salt –  to taste
  4. Pepper powder  –  pinch
  5. Bread slices ( I used fresh and soft white bread )
  6. Tomato ketchup  –  to spread
  7. Olive oil  – little
  8. Rice flour  – little (to roll the bread)


Preheat the oven up to 350 degree. In a bowl, mix paneer, cashew nut powder, salt and pepper.

Remove edges of the bread. Roll the bread using a rolling-pin.


Apply tomato ketchup on edges of the rolled bread. Place a little portion of paneer mixture in the middle and roll it tight.


 Now drizzle oil and roll it in rice flour.


Bake the rolls for 15 mins (or unitl they are crisp and crunchy) . Then broil it (low) for just one to two minutes. Don’t broil for more time, otherwise they’ll burn. Broil adds color.

Ready to serve…

        Note : To serve this to adults, you can add chilli flakes in the stuffing.


Serves two to three

Preparation and cooking time

25 mins


One day


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