Ganesh chaturthi special – kudumulu and wheat flour undralla payasam

Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha (polymer clay art from my husband and daughter)

“Vakratunda mahakaya surya koti samaprabha, nirvighnam kurume deva, sarva karyesu sarvadaa”

Wishing you and your loved ones a very happy ganesh chaturthi. This festival brings back fond memories of childhood – skits based on mythology, flower decorations, a day without homework since books were kept in pooja, visiting different ganesh idols all over the town etc. Kudumulu is one of my favorite sweet, hope you’ll love it too.

Coincidentally this is my 100th post !!

kudumulu and wheat flour undralla payasam

kudumulu and wheat flour undralla payasam


  1. Chana daal / senaga papu  –  three-fourth cup
  2. Jaggery  –  three-fourth cup (grated / small pieces)
  3. Kas kas  –  one tsp
  4. Ghee  –  one tsp
  5. Oil – for deep fry
  6. Cashew pieces  –  one tsp
  7. Grated dry coconut  –  one tsp
  8. Salt  –  one pinch
  9. Maida / all purpose flour – three-fourth cup


In a bowl, add Maida, salt, 1 tsp oil, water and knead like chapathi dough. Keep it covered for 20 mins.

In another bowl, add washed chana daal and boil with water until it is soft. Make sure that the daal is not too soft (separate grains should be visible). While boiling, skim foam off of the top. After it is cooked, drain excess water and let it cool down.

Add jaggery to the cooked chana daal and make a paste. Do not add any water. Transfer the paste to a bowl.

In a pan, add 1 tsp ghee, kas kas, cashew pieces and dry coconut. Fry the mixture until the cashews are light brown. Add this mixture to the chana daal paste. This is called “poornam” and it is the stuffing for kudumulu.

Make small balls out of Maida dough and roll them (dust them with dry Maida flour) as shown in the pictures below. Take small amount “poornam/stuffing” and place it in the middle of the roll.

Fold and press the edges to seal the stuffing and create a dumpling. Make sure the stuffing is sealed properly else it could ooze out during the deep fry.

Deep fry the dumplings until their color starts to change.


Serves ten


1 hour (preparation and cooking)


One day

Now lets look at recipe for undralla payasam.


  1. Wheat flour – one fourth cup
  2. Ghee – two tsp
  3. Sugar – to taste
  4. Chopped cashew nuts and almonds – one tsp
  5. Grated dry coconut – half tsp
  6. Milk – two cup


Add half tsp ghee to wheat flour, knead by adding some water and make a dough. It should not be too soft or too hard. Cover it and keep it aside for 10 mins.

Make tiny balls from the dough as shown.

In a sauce pan, boil water (enough to submerge tiny wheat balls) , then add half tsp ghee and the tiny wheat balls. The wheat balls will rise to the top when they are ready.

Now add sugar and milk and continue boiling for 5 mins on medium flame. Keep stirring.

In a separate pan, add 1 tsp ghee, chopped almonds, chashew nuts and fry them. Add them to the boiling mixture and turn off the heat after 5 mins.

Sprinkle grated coconut on the payasam and its ready to serve.


Serves 3-4


20 mins


1 day


3 thoughts on “Ganesh chaturthi special – kudumulu and wheat flour undralla payasam

  1. Geetha says:

    Ganesha idol with clay looks great. You taught us how to make kudumulu and payasam. Show us how to make homemade ganesha in ur next post.

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