Kaju / Cashew Roll

Kaju roll

Kaju roll


  1. Cashews  –  one cup
  2. Sugar  –  three-fourth cup
  3. Finely chopped dates  –  ten
  4. Finely chopped almonds  –  four tblsp (soak in water for one hour and peel)
  5. Finely chopped pistachios  –  three tblsp


Wash cashew and soak in water for ten minutes. Drain the water and make a fine paste (add little water if required to make the paste). In a pan add cashew paste and sugar. Mix well. Now switch on the gas at low flame and keep stirring the paste, until it thickens and becomes non sticky. It takes approximately 15 minutes to thicken.

Note : The cashew paste will become non sticky. To test, take a small quantity and spread on plate, when you try to roll, it should not stick on plate.

Now remove from pan and keep it aside until it cools down. Now knead it for a minute till it becomes like a smooth dough. Spread to half-inch thickness with the help of rolling-pin. In another bowl add chopped dates, almond and pistachios. Mix well. Put this mixture in the middle of the rolled cashew dough. Now roll the dough gently. Cut into pieces. Ready to serve.


Serves three to four.


30 mins


Two to three days


4 thoughts on “Kaju / Cashew Roll

  1. Poonam says:

    Perfect sweet for kaju katli lovers…..serve this homemade sweet to your friends and family this festive season…..loved it padma….

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