Cashew poli (godambi bakshallu)

Cashewnut poli

Cashew poli


  1. Cashew  –  one cup
  2. Powdered sugar  –  three-fourth cup
  3. Walnuts  –  two tblsp
  4. Almonds  –  two tblsp
  5. Cardamom  powder  –  one-fourth tsp
  6. Ghee  –  to fry
  7. All purpose flour / maida  –  half cup
  8. Penni rava / bakshalla rava-  half cup
  9. Salt  –  pinch
  10. Water –  half cup
  11. Oil  –  three tblsp
  12. Orange fruit  –  one (peel and remove seeds)
  13. Grated dry coconut  –  three tblsp
  14. Kas kas  –  three tblsp

Note :  You can use full portion of maida, if you don’t have penni rava. Traditionally penni rava is used.


In a bowl add maida, penni rava, salt and one tblsp of oil. Mix well. Now add little by little water and make a dough. Now add remaining oil (two tblsp) and mix well. Cover it and keep it aside for minimum one hour.

In a pan add one tsp of ghee, melt the ghee and add cashew. Roast them until they are light golden brown. Transfer in to a bowl and cool it. In the same pan add grated coconut, cardamom powder and kas kas. Fry them until they are light golden brown color.  In  a food processor add walnut, almonds and cashews. Make a medium coarse powder. Transfer in to a bowl, to this add powder sugar and cardamom powder. Mix well.

In a plate take a two tbsp of nuts mixture and little orange. Smash the orange use it to bind the nuts mixture into a ball. Take a parchment paper, smear oil. Place a small amount of dough and flatten it. Wrap the nut mixture ball with the flattened dough and cover it completely. Now gently press. Make a small round. Follow the video…..

Note : Grease hand with oil

Remove gently and place it on tawa (medium heat). Smear some ghee on both sides. Fry both sides until gold spots appear.


Serves four to five persons


2 hrs


Two to three days if refrigerated after cool down.


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  1. MJ says:

    Padma … video you posted on this recipe is private(not visable to public) … try to make that video public so that everyone can see that ……

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