Rice chapathi

Rice chapathi

Rice chapathi


  1. Rice flour  –  one cup and three tblsp (more for dusting)
  2. Oil  –  three tblsp
  3. Salt  –  one-fourth tsp
  4. Water  –  one cup


In a sauce pan add water, oil and salt. Boil the water. On a low flame, add rice flour and mix well and immediately turn off heat. Remove from stove and cover with lid. After 15 minutes, transfer it to a plate.

Before kneading

Before kneading

Knead it until you get dough like consistency. While kneading smear oil on your palms.



Take a small amount of dough and roll like roti. Roll it slowly and lightly to avoid breaking it. Use rice flour for dusting. Place it on hot pan and smear it with oil. Once you see light golden spots on both sides, its ready. Serve it with daal.


Serves two


30 mins


One day


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