Pala bakshaalu (milk poli)

Milk poli

Milk poli


  1. Milk  –  four cups
  2. Maidha  –  half cup
  3. Penni rava / bakshalla rava  –  half cup
  4. Crushed almonds  –  two tblsp
  5. Cashews  –  one tblsp
  6. Ghee  –  one tsp
  7. Oil  –  to deep fry
  8. Salt  –  pinch
  9. Dry grated coconut  –  two tblsp
  10. Kas kas  –  one tblsp
  11. Crushed cardamom  –  half tsp
  12. Sugar  –  one-fourth cup ( more or less depending up on how sweet you want)

Note :  You can use full portion of maidha, if you don’t have penni rava. Traditionally penni rava is used.


In a bowl add maidha, penni rava and salt. Mix and add sufficient quantity of water to make dough (like chapathi dough). Smear one tsp oil and close with lid. Keep it aside for ten minutes.

In another sauce pan add milk. Boil the milk on low to medium flame (ensure that it doesn’t burn, keep stirring). Add sugar to the boiling milk. Once its boiled, keep it on slow flame.

In another pan add ghee, dry fruits, coconut and kas kas. Fry until they are light brown then add these to milk. Now add cardamom. Now make puris out of dough and deep fry them. Puri should be soft (shouldn’t be dark brown / crisp). Immediately dip the puri in hot milk and then fold it into a triangle and place it on the serving bowl (can use tongs). This has to be done quickly else puri will break. Continue this process until all the puris are done.

Pour remaining milk in the serving bowl on top. Garnish with dry fruits. Ready to serve. While serving, handle puri carefully since it is very soft.


Serves four to five


60 mins


One day


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