Dry fruit laddu

Dry fruit laddo

Dry fruit laddu


  1. Almonds  –  one-third cup
  2. Groundnuts  –  one-third cup
  3. Walnuts  –  one-fourth cup
  4. pistachio  –  one-fourth cup
  5. Cashews  –  one-third cup
  6. Chopped seedless dates  –  one-third cup
  7. Raisins  –  one-third cup
  8. Grated jaggery  –  half cup
  9. Finely grated dry coconut  –  one-fourth cup
  10. Ghee  –  two tblsp
  11. Water  –  half cup


Roast almonds, pistachios, walnuts, groundnuts and cashews, one by one in a pan. Keep them aside and let it cool down. In a pan, add one tblsp of ghee, chopped seedless dates, raisins and fry them a little. Keep them aside. Put the roasted nuts into mixer and grind them into coarse pieces. Make sure not to powder them. In a pan, add jaggery and water. Cook till the syrup has one-string consistency. Another way to check the consistency is to put a drop of syrup in cold water. The drop should turn into a soft-ball instead of dissolving in water.

syrup consistency check

syrup consistency check

Turn off the stove when the syrup has reached right consistency. Now add the crushed nuts, dates, raisins and one tblsp of ghee to the syrup. Mix well and do it quickly before the syrup hardens.

Just before moulding laddu

Just before moulding laddu

To quickly make rounds/laddus from this hot mixture wet your palms with cold water and mould laddus. Make sure to keep your hands wet with cold water to avoid the heat from the mixture. This procedure needs to be performed quickly else the mixture hardens and cannot be moulded into rounds. After moulding, roll the laddus in the dry grated coconut. Enjoy…


Prepares 12 laddus.


15 to 20 mins


Stays good for 10 days with refrigeration.


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