Sambhar powder


  1. Red chilli  –  one cup
  2. Coriander seeds  –  two tblsp
  3. Jeera seeds  –  half tblsp
  4. Chana dal  –  two tblsp
  5. Cinnamon  – two inches
  6. Naga keshar   – four ( also called mogga in Telugu).You can use cloves instead.
  7. Curry leaf   – one string
  8. Salt  – half tblsp
  9. Oil  –  1 tblsp


Heat pan on medium flame. Add oil and roast above ingredients lightly except red chillis. Keep the roasted masala aside and let it cool. Roast the red chills lightly  with little oil. After both masala and chilli have cooled down, grind them to a fine powder.


You will get half cup of sambhar powder with the above measurements.


15 mins


Store in glass or plastic container.  Good for more than six months.


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